Features & Benefits

Cushion Max is a light weight and flexible matting that can easily be moved to different areas indoors.

This mat has a superior anti-microbial, anti-fatigue mat for comfort and ergonomic benefits.

The Cushion Max features a diamond patterned surface that is 2 x more durable than traditional PVC foam mats. The pattern also helps to reduce slip and fall accidents while bevelled borders make for a safe transition from floor to mat.

Cushion Max offers a cost effective alternative to traditional PVC foam mats. Constructed of 100 percent nitrile/PVC closed cell foam to provide superior anti-fatigue properties for employee comfort.

It is ideal for warehouses, picking lines, assembly lines, standing workstations and checkout counters.

Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 900mm

900mm x 1500mm

900mm x 3600mm

1200mm x 1800mm

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric : Nitrile /PVC Closed Cell Foam
Backing : Nitrile /PVC Closed Cell Foam
Uses : For use in dry environments. Also suitable for Wet areas. Long standing
Compound : 100% Nitrile Rubber/PVC closed cell foam
Thickness : 16mm
Colours : Black
Warranty : 1 year Conditional Warranty
Design : Diamond Grate Design