Diamond Plate "Soft" Anti-Fatigue No. 406

Dry Area Anti-Fatigue Matting

Features & Benefits

A NEW PRODUCT from our design team

No other floor mat offers such a complete package of exceptional comfort, long life, and anti slip features.

The exceptionally resilient soft sponge base defines the mat by providing true comfort, enhancing productivity, and reviving morale through relieving fatigue throughout the day. The soft sponge backing is then covered with a sheet to help stop the mat from travelling across the floor.

Safety Alert’s safety-engineered surface adds traction and durability to the mat, and lends itself to heavily trafficked areas.

This mat also comes with Yellow borders to add that extra safety element.

Standard Mat Sizes

Black with Yellow

900 x 1500

900 x 22.8 metre rolls

900 x Lineal Metre cut to length