Features & Benefits

  • Rubber Stall mats can be sterilized with disinfectant, which is difficult with surfaces like wood or earth.
  • Natural rubber materials are naturally insulating and more comfortable especially during the winter.
  • Concrete, asphalt and wooden floors can be slippery when wet but rubber mats provide better traction and reduce risk to horses.
  • Smooth surface of the mat much easier to hose off and clean than concrete or wood surfaces.
  • Mats provide a softer and more yielding surface which is more comfortable for horses and less likely to result in impact stress injuries.
  • Rubber mats allow urine to drain off and mucking the stalls is also easier
  • Less bedding is needed with stall mats, because the mats act like bedding.

We deliver our quality equine and livestock matting Australia wide
. You can also collect your matting from our factory in Granville, NSW.

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Standard Mat Sizes

3mm thick – 1200mm x 10 metres 

5mm thick – 1200mm x 10 metres 

8mm thick – 1200mm x 10 metres 

10mm thick – 1200mm x 10 metres

All thicknesses are available per lineal metre

Mat Specifications

Uses : All industrial and general rubber sheet applications, vibration dampening pads, acoustic. Walk through
Compound : Polymerically bound recycled rubber
Thickness : 3mm, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm
Colours : Black
Warranty : 1 year Conditional Warranty