Features & Benefits

Supreme Slip Tech Rolls clearance


Black/Yellow - 600, 900 and 1200mm widths.

Provides unparalleled comfort compared to other composite anti-fatigue mats.

Aggressive 5mm RUBBERISED durable top surface bonded to our 12mm ergonomic PVC closed cell foam.

Revolutionary RUBBERISED surface provides IMPROVED TRACTION. Rubberised top surface with large industrial pyramid design provides compression as well as displaying DUAL COMPRESSION-DEFLECTION properties between the top surface and the ergonomic foam. Rubberised wear-surface outlasts other wear-surfaces.

Wear-surface will resist most common chemicals.Significant increase in coefficient of friction (traction) wet and dry as compared to the best wear-surfaces in the industry!

Standard Mat Sizes


600mm x 900mm 

900mm x 1500mm 

900mm x 18.2 metres 

Per Metre cut to length

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric : Pyramid patterned PVC rubberized surface fusion-bonded
Backing : An ergonomic closed cell PVC sponge underside
Uses : Automotive and industrial workplaces, shipping and packing work places, machine shops and maintenance areas. Rubberized wear-surface will resist most common chemical. Long standing
Compound : PVC
Tabor Abrasion : <1% Loss ;Taber 1000 Grams, 1000 Revs,CS-17 Wheel (Diamond Surface)
Edging : Bevelled
Thickness : 17mm
Colours : Black, Black with Solid Yellow Safety Border
Warranty : 2 years conditional warranty
Design : Diamond Design