Features & Benefits

Limited Stock!

600mm x 900mm - $39.00 per mat

Indigo - 9 Mats
Red/Black - 3 Mats

900xx x 1500mm - $99.00 per mat

Red/Black - 10 Mats

1200mm x 1800mm - $159.00 per mat

Onyx/Black - 2 Mats
Red/Black - 3 Mats
Slate Grey - 3 Mats

  • Tyre Tuff Royale is heavy weight matting designed for busy traffic areas, inside or outside.
  • The moulded rubber backing provides durability while the crush resistant carpet surface effectively removes debris and moisture.
  • Dual-fibre needle-punch carpet dries quickly and resists staining and fading.
  • Bi-level surface scrapes debris from passing shoes.
  • Attractive border design traps in moisture in the mat and off the floor.
  • Heavyweight recycled rubber backing minimises movement on carpet and hard floor surfaces.

Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 900mm 

900mm x 1500mm 

1200mm x 1800mm

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric : Carpet
Backing : Rubber
Uses : Entrance matting
Edging : Carpet
Thickness : 10mm
Colours : Onyx/Black, Indigo, Red/Black, Slate Grey
Warranty : 1 Year Conditional