Features & Benefits

Just because you are welding doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable!

Weldsafe is a specifically designed mat to reduce fatigue while withstanding the challenges of welding environments.

This mat is specifically formulated to repel sparks and hot metal shards. Its thick rubber surface has a melt point of over 260 degrees Celsius.

The super resistant Nitricell sponge base is a nitrile rubber composite that offers unparalled comfort during long shifts.

This mat is also highly effective as a general Anti-fatigue mat for staff with stilettos cannot pierce this matting. One of the only mats on the market that is invincible to high heels.

All edges are bevelled to make this an effective non trip, non-slip mat.

Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 900mm

900mm x 1500mm

900mm x 22.8 metres

Per metre cut to length and bevelled x 900mm wide

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric:Rubber
Backing:Nitricell Sponge
Uses:For use in Dry Areas. Long Standing
Compound:Rubber Surface/Nitricell Sponge
Coefficient of Friction:1.10 Dry per ASTM F1677
Tabor Abrasion:> 1% lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed Std. 193
Flammability:“A” Rating per MVSS 302
Edging:Safety bevelled
Warranty:3 years conditional warranty