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Commercial Coir

Commercial Coir No. 650 Entrance Mats and Matting, Recessed Areas Get a Quote

Surface Fabric : 100% Natural Coir (coconut fibres)
Backing : PVC Vinyl
Uses : Entrances and walk through
Compound : Coir and Vinyl
Edging : Non- Fraying
Thickness : 17mm, 24mm and 30mm
Colours : Natural Brown
Warranty : 1 year Conditional Warranty
Design : Rough Fibres
Download Product Brochure Custom widths and unique configurations are available. Please call for a quotation.

1 metre x 12.5 metres - 17mm thick
1 metre x 12.5 metres - 24mm thick
1 metre x 12.5 metres - 30mm thick
Available per metre cut to length

2 metres x 12 metres - 17mm thick
2 metres x 12 metres - 24mm thick
2 metres x 10 metres - 30mm thick
Available per metre cut to length

Used in ancient times to make ropes you know that Coir is tough!

Coir is made from the husk of a coconut and used for almost 100 years in matting.

Our Coir comes in 17mm, 24mm and 30mm depths and is an effective and attractive entrance mat that is ideal for high traffic business or residential locations.

This mat is environmentally friendly and can be designed to your specifications to fit snugly into your recessed entry way.

Coir is constructed of premium quality coconut fibres moulded into a vinyl smooth PVC backing.

With a maximum width of 2 metres this matting can be cut to any size and gives the traditional, stylish look for your entrance.