Diamond Checker Plate Runner No. 316

Mat Rolls and Runners

Features & Benefits

Get the industrial look!

Diamond Checker Plate Runner with yellow safety edging is a solid and tough industrial looking 3 mm runner mat.

The mat is resistant to grease, oils and industrial cleaners and is fantastic in protecting manufacturing or workshop floors and will give your employees insulation against cold concrete floors.

So easy to clean, just a once over with a mop this PVC matting is a must for any industrial setting.

With the bright yellow borders the mat is effective in steering foot traffic around your factory.

Standard Mat Sizes

900mm x 18.2 metres

Per metre cut to length x 900mm wide

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric:PVC diamond checker plate vinyl
Backing:100% Vinyl
Uses:Heavy trafficked indoor areas. Walk through
Compound:100% Vinyl
Thickness:3mm thickness
Colours:Black with Solid Yellow Border
Warranty:1 year Conditional Warranty
Design:Diamond Checker Plate Design