Features & Benefits

Tubular PVC is a light weight matting that provides relief from standing on cold hard floors with its Anti-fatigue properties.

Great for all types of wet and dry areas as it can be cut to shape to fit most things including boats, showers, or any area that can be slippery.

The self-draining design allows the liquid to flow through and drain away. Tubular PVC can be installed in just a few minutes and can be cut simply using a Stanley Knife.

Constructed in a grid formation, Tubular PVC matting is lightweight, easy to clean and roll up and also great on uneven areas.

This matting is also highly efficient for dry areas, making it very versatile.

Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 12m per roll - Black or Blue Only

900mm x 12m per roll - Black, Blue or Grey

1200mm x 12m per roll -Black or Blue Only

Per metre cut to length

Mat Specifications

Uses : For use in all Wet Environments but also suitable for Dry Areas
Compound : PVC Tubes
Flammability : Flexible from -12c to +60c. This material does not support combustion, being self extinguishing on removal of flame.
Thickness : 10mm
Colours : Black, Navy Blue or Grey
Warranty : 1 year Conditional Warranty
Design : Tubular