Features & Benefits

Manufactured from strong, flexible, PVC sections in a grid formation with the tubular aspect for flow through moisture. Ideal for marine vessels, packing areas, vehicles, chemical plants, machine shops, breweries, laundries etc.

The grip surface adds a superior level of non-slip to the standard tubular PVC.

Hygienic, non-porous and easy to clean. Can be used as an indoor mat or outdoor mat. Simple to cut to length or any shape. Contours to uneven floor surfaces. Hard wearing, long lasting and maintenance free.

Excellent anti-fatigue properties. Embossed slip-resistant surface. Also great for changing rooms, around pools, spas, and in showers and any other wet area.

Standard Mat Sizes

900mm x 12 metre rolls - 




1200mm x 12 metre rolls -



Can be cut to your specifications

Mat Specifications

Uses : All types of Wet areas but can also be applied in Dry areas too.
Compound : PVC
Flammability : Flexible from -10c to +60c. This material does not support combustion, being self extinguishing on removal of flame. Gases evolved on flame application are predominantly HCI and CO
Thickness : 10mm thick
Colours : Blue, Black, Grey
Warranty : 1 Year Conditional Warranty
Design : Tubular Ridged design. Square tubes