Features & Benefits

‘Cushions for your feet’ is a sentence that people have described the ever popular Hog Heaven mat. With its 16mm of cushioning under the mat your feet will thank you.

Also great in areas where static can be a problem, this mat is 100% Nitrile rubber surface which means it is also resistant to oils and some chemicals. This mat is also environmentally friendly with its 20% recycled content.

The closed cell nitrile and PVC cushion backing provides long lasting comfort without breaking down. The thick Nitrile rubber borders remain flexible for the life of the product and will not crack or curl up.

As a USA imported mat the Hog Heaven has been Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute and has also been tested and passed by the CSIRO.

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Standard Mat Sizes

Black  - BUY NOW

590mm x 590mm

580mm x 810mm 

820mm x 1200mm

800mm x 1430mm

810mm x 3000mm

820mm x 12M roll

1200mm x 12M roll

Per metre cut to length x 820mm wide

Per metre cut to length x 1200mm wide

Black with Chevron Border - BUY NOW

600mm x 840mm

840mm x 1500mm

820mm x 12 metres

Per metre cut to length x 820mm wide

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric : 100% Nitrile Rubber (15% Recycled Content)
Backing : 100% Closed Cell Nitrile Rubber (15% Recycled Content)
Uses : Long Standing. All dry work areas.
Compound : 100% solid nitrile rubber
Durometer : 65
Coefficient of Friction : Dry .92 and Wet .86
Flammability : Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
Edging : Bevelled edges on all four sides
Thickness : 16mm
Colours : Black or Black with Chevron Safety Border
Warranty : 3 years conditional warranty
Tensil : 1100 PSI