ComfySafe Premium Hospitality/Industrial/Commercial Mats MB13P & MB23P (Premium) / MB23S (Standard)

Non Slip Mats and Anti Slip Mats , Anti-Fatigue Mats For Wet Areas , Anti-Fatigue Mats For Dry Areas

Features & Benefits


  • A highly versatile medium duty anti slip and anti-fatigue mat with built in ramps.
  • Available in 2 grades - Premium Grade with a 3 year warranty and Standard Grade with 1 year warranty.
  • Applications in Hospitality industry (behind bar and commercial kitchens), general industrial and engineering applications and a wide range of commercial applications.
  • Good slip resistance, comfort for feet and legs and insulation from cold and heat off floors.

Standard Mat Sizes

ComfySafe Premium 600 x 900mm, Thickness 12mm, Weight: 4 Kg MB13P

ComfySafe Premium 910 x 1520mm, Thickness 12mm, Weight: 10 Kg MB23P  MRR23P (Red)

ComfySafe Premium 910 x 2950mm, Thickness 12mm, Weight: 18 Kg MB23L

ComfySafe Standard 910 x 1520mm, Thickness 12mm, Weight: 9 Kg MB23S

Mat Specifications

  • Black Natural Rubber for non-greasy/oily situations
  • Red Grease/Oil Resistant compound (75% Natural Rubber and 25% Nitrile Rubber) for moderate exposure to grease and oil.