Features & Benefits

A vinyl loop scraper mat that can have a backing added or can let the liquid flow through.

Great for bare feet this mat is designed from thin vinyl strings that join together creating a fantastic looking mat that is designed to last. This mat is specifically designed to dry quickly.  

Made from non absorbent vinyl this mat is easily cleaned as it can be just hosed down. 

A choice of many colours for you to make this logo mat one of a kind for your business. 

Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 850mm 

850mm x 1200mm

850mm x 1500mm 

850mm x 3000mm 

1150mm x 1800mm 

1150mm x 2400mm 

Mat Specifications

Surface:  Vinyl 
Backing: PVC 
Thickness: 12mm 
Care: Vacuum or Hose 
Area: Wet and Dry 
Edge: Can come edged or unedged