Features & Benefits

Looking for an entrance mat on a budget? We have what you are looking for!

The Tough Rib combines good performance with great economy.

This mat can be used in recessed holes (8mm depths) or can be edged to make a lovely entrance to your business.

Its popular rib construction traps dirt and moisture in its recessed channels.

Tough Rib’s super coarse, absorptive fibres and two level construction helps it to soak up water, hide dirt and reduces traffic patterns.

With a smooth surfaced backing, this mat is suitable for any interior or exterior application and is available in 6 different colours for standard sizes.

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Standard Mat Sizes

Brown / Green / Grey / Red

600mm x 900mm

900mm x 1500mm

1200mm x 1800mm

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric:100% solution-dyed polypropylene
Backing:Vinyl with 25mm border
Uses:Medium-traffic indoor entrances and walk through
Compound:100% solution-dyed polypropylene with Vinyl backing
Flammability:Passes DOC FF1-70 and DOC FF2-70
Edging:Applied to cut ends

Brown / Green / Grey / Red

Warranty:1 Year Conditional
Design:Ribbed Construction