Features & Benefits

Clean Room Sticky Mats made for clean room environments. 

  • The tacky surface removes dust and dirt from your shoes as you walk over it before walking into ‘Clean Rooms’.
  • Great outside mats for Labs, Control Rooms and any sensitive areas that cannot be contaminated. Also used outside Operating theatres, bio-technology labs and semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Clean Room mats come in pads with 30 layers of tough, laminated film. Once the top film becomes contaminated, simply pull off and discard.
  • Don’t bring any nasty stuff into your clean spaces with these mats.

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Standard Mat Sizes

455mm x 1140mm - 30 sheets per pad 

610mm x 915mm - 30 sheets per pad 

660mm x 1140mm - 30 sheets per pad 

Mat Specifications

Surface Fabric:Tacky Polyethylene
Uses:Semi Conductor manufacturing, bio-technology, the life sciences and other fields sensitive to environmental contamination. Walk Through
Compound:Tacky Polyethylene