Features & Benefits

Safety Scrape Logo Mat is an all round, all weather mat that is suitable for most areas where you want to dry feet and still have a professional impression.

Made from 100% Natural Rubber this matting is a great alternative to carpet style logos.  

Tough and durable, this mat will hold dirt and spills whilst continuing to display a vibrant logo. Suited to both full colour digital print and spot colour artwork, the Safety Scrape Logo Scraper Mat is both functional and durable.

Standard Mat Sizes

600mm x 850mm 

850mm x 1150mm 

850mm x 1500mm 

850mm x 3000mm 

1150mm x 1800mm 

1800mm x 1800mm 

1800mm x 2400mm 

Mat Specifications

Surface: Rubber 
Backing: Rubber 
Thickness: 6mm
Care: Sweep, shake or hose 
Foot Traffic: High volumes 
Area: Wet and Dry 
Cross Sectional: