Features & Benefits

Coir matting has been around for centuries. Now there is a way to make it into a Logo! With our 2 colour tone laser cut design this matting is a standout for a recessed grand entrance.

This product is made from Coconut fibres and is a fantastic way to scrape dirt from shoes with its 'brush like surface' without loosing the integrity of the mat. 

Standard Mat Sizes

Custom sizes available up to 2 metre widths. 

Mat Specifications

Surface: 100% natural coir (coconut husk fibres)
Backing:  PVC
Thickness: 17mm 
Care: Vacuum or sweep 
Foot Traffic: Medium / High 
Area: Wet or Dry 
Edge: Unedged 
Cross Sectional:

- See more at: http://www.identitymatters.com.au/products/coir-logo-inlay-mat.html#sthash.xomBJCSJ.dpuf