Features & Benefits

This light weight anti fatigue mat is for easier handling and is fully launderable. Ideal for wet or dry areas.

It provides excellent anti-fatigue mat properties for added employee comfort.

This mats brother is the #430 Comfort Scrape, the same anti-fatigue floor mat just with holes.

This mat is perfect for processing food areas, machine shops and heavy industrial applications and is constructed of closed cell nitrile rubber cushion that is 100% high density. It is far superior when it comes to grease and oil resistance. It is treated with an anti microbial substance to guard against odours and degradation. Its low profile and slip resistant surface reduces slip and fall accidents. The non-skid backing keeps the mat in place.

Green friendly. 100% Nitrile Rubber is 10% recycled content.

Comfort Flow mats, being imported from the USA, are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

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Standard Mat Sizes

580mm x 860mm

840mm x 1410mm

840mm x 2700mm

1100mm x 1700mm

Mat Specifications

Uses : For Uses in Wet, Dry or Greasy Environments. Long Standing
Compound : 100% Closed cell Nitrile Rubber
Durometer : 50 to 55 Shore A
Coefficient of Friction : .70 Dry .69 Wet per ASTM C1028-96
Flammability : Standard DOC-FF-1-70
Edging : Low Profile
Thickness : 11mm
Colours : Black
Warranty : 2 year Conditional