Modular Antistatic & Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mats/Runner MSA80

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Features & Benefits



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  • Rubber based mat, with both anti-static and anti-fatigue properties.
  • Can be grounded either via stud and grounding cord or through surface contact into a Conductive or Dissipative floor.
  • Volume Conductive/Dissipative, with a typical resistance of between 10k Ohm & 1 Meg Ohm through each piece.
  • Grounding of personnel via 'foot straps' or 'ESD shoes' is possible when installed correctly.
  • The bubbled top provides significant anti-fatigue properties and is comforting to stand on / work on.
  • Conductive matting should not be used when working with high voltages; consult us if you are unsure before installation.

Standard Mat Sizes

Linkable Mats: 

800 x 700mm - centres grey, Thickness: 14mm

800 x 300mm - ends grey, Thickness: 14mm 

Mat Specifications

14mm thickness 

Comes in black and grey for some sizes. 

Made of 100% Natural Rubber